We offer a long-term approach, driving value, looking beyond quarterly results, working collaboratively with successful management teams and adding operational knowledge and expertise.

Our experience has been to focus on employee development, collaboration, constant innovation, reinvesting and performance.  We fully understand that mergers and acquisitions bring change that is challenging and without significant hurdles but, it is our experience that transparency in communication helps to build trust and alleviate concerns.  We collaborate closely with management and employees, and work together to help create a new and stronger partnership founded on mutual trust and respect.


The Hewitt Group’s primary focus is on companies in Eastern Canada, with respect to the former operating company’s territory – Québec, Labrador West, the Maritimes, Ontario as well as the Canadian Arctic Regions – with an objective of supporting the same communities that helped build Hewitt Equipment for over 65 years.

Over the last six decades, the Hewitt Group has built a solid reputation, locally, nationally and internationally, and has a proven track record on how to successfully run a business and the importance of having a long-term and patient vision.

We have a solid financial base and are well positioned to make quick decisions on investments with, and in companies which have a solid and streamlined business plan and long-term vision.


We are looking to partner with operating businesses who have the following characteristics:

  • Shared vision and values
  • Distinct or unique product or service
  • Strong cash-flow generation
  • Engaged management team committed to work collaboratively
  • Solid employee relationships
  • Areas where Hewitt Group can help to build and create increased value